6 Steps of How to Make DIY Love Shelf

Normally people say that love can be expressed in a lot of various ways. And today we are going to prove that it is right. Love can be expressed in various ways and we are going to show this out practically. There are many ways although, like we can make out greetings card, mug arts, jewelries etc. but this is something completely different from all these things. You are getting a short holiday very soon? Use the holiday to make out an amazing love shelf in your house to put your lovers mind out. Obviously this is a completely different way to greet love to your close ones.

You will need a very few materials to make out this full project which you will find easily everywhere. Even some products may be easily available at your home. But be sure that you have arranged all the products before jumping into the tutorial. Here are the lists of materials you will need.

Wood – Untreated (2×6 and 2×8 for better results).
Wood Screws – 26 nos. (2.5 – 4 in each)
Wood Glue
Wood Primer
Enamel Paint color which you intend to use

And important part is that before going to buy the products for your project have a look into the finished product so that you get a clear about the quantity of wood you will need. You can also make it of different size. So according to the size, you will need the amount of wood. Be sure to purchase enough wood as after wards if you face a shortage the project will mess up. Keeping a little bit of extra wood in your house will not harm you. Instead you can look for other DIY projects with the remaining wood left. Lastly you should notice while buying woods that all the pieces are straight in alignment.

How to Make a DIY Love Shelf 1

Cut the wood according to the height. You will need about 17 feet of wood total in length. But here in this project the most challenging part is cutting the woods according to the shape so that it forms a letter. See the shelf layout we have given below so that it becomes easy for you all to cut the woods according to the shape. See that the two pieces of woods forming a V should be cut in a same angle and size. These are all the small tips you should keep in mind while making the project.

How to Make a DIY Love Shelf 3

After the cutting of wood is over, be sure to see that all the pieces of wood are cut in a right measurement. Make a layout on the floor before starting the screwing up process.

Now it’s screw your boards together. But you may face some problems at this time. So look at the image below. Here the serial numbers of the joints are given. Screw the full shelf according to the serial number.

How to Make a DIY Love Shelf 4

After the full screwing up is finished, now you will be getting the full shelf and after seeing that, your face will be full of smile now. It’s time to paint the full shelf with primer. While painting the primer, follow the instructions given on the primer can.

How to Make a DIY Love Shelf 5

After the primer has fully dried up now you will have to paint the full shelf. Keep in mind that until the primer fully dries up, don’t start painting. For better results, let the primer dry up for two days and then paint your desired color. Paint it nicely and let it dry for two days again.

How to Make a DIY Love Shelf 6

Now you are done with full project and it’s time to take the shelf for your home decoration. Decorate your house and enjoy.

How to Make a DIY Love Shelf 7

This is the outline tutorial of the basic product but you can be more creative with it if you want to. Like you can make lots of creative painting ideas to make it more attractive. You can make the size according to your home interior and the size suitable for your home. There is nothing particular that you will have to go with this size only. And most important of all, you can use this shelf for various useful purpose like keeping books, showpiece etc in your drawing room.

Great thanks to the person who made this out from the mind. This is really an amazing process for those who look for making DIY projects all the time. You will really have a lot of fun while making the full project step by step. And amazingly when you will see the ultimate finished product in front of you now can stop you from the excitement. So make this out and have a funny holiday this time.

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