5 Creative Ways to Play for Infant Development

After a newborn comes to your family, we think a lot about their care. But you will have to come to the point whether the steps you are taking for their care is right or wrong. We do a lot of things for their development but this time you are going to learn about some really amazing ideas for the development of your new born child. This is a bit secret as very few people know about these ideas and it is you who is reading about it. The most interesting part about all these is that all of the steps are also enjoyed by the newborns as it seems a game to them.

5 Creative Ways to Play with your Newborn Baby 1

You will find that your baby will play by kicking their legs in their first few months. Naturally this kicking activity has a lot of advantages. It is very important for the whole body and brain development as said by the Pediatricians. Here we will mention some of the benefits that a new born child gets from kicking.

• It strengthens the leg muscle.
• It strengthens the belly muscle.
• It also encourages in Chin Tuck which is also very important in neck stretch.
• Helps in sensing the weight shifting in floor.
• It promotes the learning of cause and its effect.
• Lastly it promotes the sensory development of the Proprioceptive System, which is also known as the Pressure and stretch system.

5 Creative Ways to Play for Infant Development

1. You will get some helium balloons in your nearby grocery or toy shop at a very cheap rate. Bring some dozens of balloons for your kid and this will help you to go with some innovative ideas. Loosely tie the helium balloon with a soft cotton string and tie the balloon with their each ankle. Now you notice that your baby becoming happy looking at them when they kicks their feet.
Remember that this activity is although very interesting and helpful but also you will have to keep in mind that this can be only safe before your baby catches the habit of grasping everything in their mouth. Once you notice that they are grasping in their mouth just stop this activity for the safety of your kid. So a close supervision is needed for this activity.

5 Creative Ways to Play with your Newborn Baby 2

2. Take a shallow pan of water and place it under their feet and now see the fun. Your baby will feel a new sensation when they kick down. They will also a get a different sound from it this will make them happy and anxious at the same time. They will realize that their movement is causing a splash of water. Now this is very useful as in this activity they will use together their sense of hearing, sense of touch and muscle stretching. But please use light warm water in this activity as if the water is too cold it may result in getting cold.

3. This is also a great way for the sensory development of your kid. Strip them down completely and make them naked. Let them wiggle in the nude condition. If you are using diaper all the time, it may result in skin rash so this activity will help you in saving your kid from getting skin rash. Allow them to stay naked for a long time regularly as it necessary for the skin to get some open air. In addition this activity helps in experiencing a much richer interaction of the things around the kids. They will try to roll, sit and walk in this condition and let them do everything they want to.

5 Creative Ways to Play with your Newborn Baby 4

4. Here’s a great way to have a baby party on your baby’s crib. Take various colorful balloons and blow them up. Now put all these balloons in the baby’s crib. Put your baby in the crib and let them have fun with the balloons. Though it is very interesting and funny but the fact is that some will say that this activity is a bit dangerous. But we can say that if you keep notice on the activity of your baby continuously, then no danger will happen.

5 Creative Ways to Play with your Newborn Baby 5

5. Streamer curtain is a great way to play with your kids. Actually we always look forward for the fun of our kid. This activity will really encourage your kid’s visual skills and strengthening. It provides your baby some happy playtime as they will have a great fun with this. Hang streamers from the baby’s activity gym and so that they can touch it. They will make an interesting sound when touched and this will attract the kid’s concentration. Both the touch and sound feedback in this activity is useful for the babies to learn from it.

5 Creative Ways to Play with your Newborn Baby 6

Lastly have a great time with your babies and keep in mind that you will have to avoid any type of dangers and make your baby learn from all these activities. Good bye!


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