10 Super Smart Newborn Tips for First-Time Mom’s

You must be absolutely thrilled! And why not! Either you are gonna have a baby or your little bundle of joy has already arrived. Both are great news! However, raise your hands if you also have doubts about this new journey. Taking care of a whole new life can be intimidating. Do not fret because we have you covered with these newborn tips for first-time mom’s like you.

Your baby is gonna bring all the sunshine with it for you, Momma-to-be! But know that your nights are going to be longer, sleepless, and tired too. Sure it is all worth it but there is nothing wrong with being prepared. You will definitely become a baby expert but not overnight. As your baby grows, you will learn and grow too as a parent. But with some first-time mom tips, you will be able to sail through the early days much easier.

Super Smart Newborn Tips for First-Time Mom’s

Learn All About Nursing

Nursing can get overwhelming with sore nipples and tough latch-ons. But don’t drop your heart yet. Learn all about nursing instead. Be prepared before you even begin to nurse. Talk to your friends with good nursing experience and get the help of a lactation consultant if needed. Take help from nurses before feeding your baby and make sure you learn from them as much as you can. A heating pad would work in times of blocked ducts while calm your sore breasts with a cold pack. Some tricks like these would make your early nursing days a piece of cake.

Be Ready To Be Sleepless

One thing you can always count on is being sleepless when you have just had a newborn. Babies sleep nearly 16 hours but only in short intervals. So you would likely be alert at all times. The best way to not lose it is by accepting the truth. You can’t help a cranky baby if you are cranky too due to lack of sleep. Therefore, be ready to be tired and take naps when your baby does. There’s a very good reason why everyone suggests that! The early days after your baby arrives will be all about surviving, so try all the tricks to make them sleep and doze off along with them.

Tricks for Soothing

A fussy baby is no fun. Half the time you wouldn’t even know why your baby is crying. And that’s the first step of learning. Try to find why the baby is crying and then try to soothe him. Use Dr. Harvey Karp’s five calming moves: swaddling, shushing, holding the baby on the side, swinging, or letting him suck. These newborn tips for first-time mom’s would really work like magic for you. Melodious music can also calm the baby. Try different things and use the ones that work with your baby. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the little ones.

Put Dad In Charge Too

Though the starting months for a baby is all about eating and sleeping, it would be great for you if you include the first-time daddy in the process as well. Decide prior to the arrival of the baby and divide the duties between you two. First-time mommies can be a bit overprotective of their babies. But let the dad do their own fun things with the baby. He can take care of the baby while you are taking care of yourself. It allows you a break and gives them a lovely bonding time with the newborn.

Don’t Lose Your Sanity

Seriously, you have just popped out a baby or maybe are about to. Who cares what the house looks like? You definitely shouldn’t! And if anybody dares to say a single word then happily ask them to do it themselves. The moral here is to ignore the comments on the state of your house. Also, take help whenever necessary. If anybody offers help to take care of the baby for a few minutes then accept it without any guilt. Try giving the heavy chores to others that take more time instead of simply asking to change the diaper.

When Out on a Stroll

When you are about to go out with your baby for the first time, better take someone with you who is a baby expert and knows how to deal in case of any trouble. That way you will also relax on your walk rather than stressing about your baby’s reaction to the outer world. Remember that this walk is for you to de-stress. Also, pack your bag with all the essentials from extra diapers to a spare t-shirt or clothes. Babies are cute but walking around with their puke all over you is so not! Oh, and you never know how long your baby will behave. So do not be disappointed if the walk gets cut short.

During Feedings

Babies don’t eat properly if they are sleepy and eating. That causes them to wake up in between, hungry and cranky. So one of the great newborn tips for first-time mom’s is to ensure that your baby is awake while eating. Now, how would you make that possible? Simply stroke the baby’s cheek gently and it will be done. This trick has worked for many but you can always learn from your baby what would with her. Also, before you rush to feed your baby, be prepared. As in have a glass of water, get a book to read, and pee before you settle! Because you know, it takes a while when they are busy sucking. Wink!

Warm The Blankie

As a new mommy, you don’t mind humming your baby to sleep in your arms. And you don’t need to worry about habits at this stage either. But when you have to put the baby in a crib, chances are he might not sleep there. It could be the cold sheets. So here is one of the first-time mom tips – warm the blanket from the bassinet by wrapping it around a heating pad. Let it warm while you are feeding the sweet munchkin. After the feeding is done and the baby has fallen asleep, remove the heating pad and place your baby between the warm sheets. The baby would be softly snoring in no time!

First Time Baths

It takes time for the babies to fall in love with baths. Especially for a newborn whose umbilical cord stump falls off. This generally happens by the third week and then comes the time for your baby’s first bath. This could make them fussy and in turn make you not so calm. The best bet is to place a warm washcloth on the baby’s tummy and you should join in too. A warm bath would relax both of you and things will go calm and peaceful again.

Go With Your Guts

When it comes to first-time mom tips, the very first thing you must know is to trust your instincts. Many people would tell you, give suggestions. In other words, dictate how to deal with your baby. Listen to them but no need to do exactly what they say. Your baby would lead you regardless of it all. So go easy on yourself and just be prepared to be tired, messy, and sleepless. Some of the tips might work for you while some won’t. It is okay! Relax and enjoy this learning process as a first-time mommy. Meanwhile, remember to snap lots of pictures because they grow too fast!

It’s your first time. And that means you will learn as you go. So don’t be under the pressure that you must know everything before the baby comes. Believe me, they always come with their own lessons for the parents. That’s the beauty of this whole ride. Everyone experiences it in their own way. So be kind to yourself and don’t hesitate to take all the help that you can. Just remember the basics, that is, feed your baby, smother it with love, give gentle rubs and kisses, and sing them to sleep. And stock up on loads of patience!

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