What Should You Teach 18-months Toddler: 10 Things

As new parents, you must wonder where the time flies because your little munchkin is not so little anymore. Or at least not as tiny as your child used to be. Wink! Your baby is not tiny but a toddler of 18 months and so full of energy that you have to keep up. Your baby has stopped wriggling in his crib and is ready to explore the floor while crawling. This is the age when children begin to learn about the world and discover something new every day. Because your toddler is now learning so much, this is the perfect time for you to know What Should You Teach to 18-months Toddler.

What Should You Teach 18-months Toddler

being parents, your primary responsibility is to reinforce good manners in your kids. And today’s article deals with numbers of those good manners your kids must-have. So let’s get deeper into those good manners which will help your kids to come out to be great people in the future.

Before we jump to the teaching part, let’s find out a bit more about what happens to the children at this age. Your 18-month-old will not be gaining much weight over the next few months and the growth rate will also slow down. But don’t worry; this is because babies grow really faster as compared to when they are toddlers. Your little one and a half-year-old will also begin to want some independence but will also demand the warmth and safety of your arms. Toddlers at this age can babble some words and understand one-step commands. There will also be a symbolic growth in their thinking.

What Should You Teach 18-months Toddler

Other things that your toddler might be doing are:

  • Running around
  • Throws a ball
  • Tugs at or takes off some clothes
  • Scribbles with a crayon (maybe on every available surface!)
  • Laughs and shows affection
  • Knows the name of favorite toys or a cartoon
  • Makes demands by throwing tantrums

These are some of the many things that a toddler of this age is capable of doing. However, every kid learns at his own pace. But when a child at this age doesn’t walk, speaks less than five words, doesn’t understand very simple commands, or doesn’t make eye contact then it is best to call your doctor immediately.

1.Teach Your Toddler to Sleep

What Should You Teach 18-months Toddler

Toddlers are always so pumped up with energy; it is really difficult to get them to sleep. At this age, they often refuse to go to bed. Just the name of the bed makes them run away hiding. This is why you need to come up with a nighttime routine that will help your toddler to sleep easily without any fuss. Something soothing like reading stories, singing a song, or giving a massage will definitely work.

2.Where there is a Toddler, There Will Be Mess

What Should You Teach 18-months Toddler

There is not much in What Should You Teach 18-months Toddler. So table manners are something that your child wouldn’t know at this age. But they begin to learn how to use utensils and would even attempt to eat with their own grabby hands and make a big mess. For now, they will only learn good food habits by watching you eat.

3.Make Your Munchkin Eat

What Should You Teach 18-months Toddler

Toddlers become picky eaters by the time they are 18 months old. Some might even get more excited at the sight of drinks instead of food. While it is alright to indulge them once in a while, make sure you don’t make a habit of it or they will miss out on necessary nutrients. So make food time a bit interesting by sweet-talking them into eating or arranging the food in a creative way.

4.Potty Training

What Should You Teach 18-months Toddler

Toddlers at this age are still too young to be trained for toilets but this is the age you can introduce the toilet to your little one. Generally, kids are ready to be potty trained by the time they are two to four. So don’t even expect that your child will be trained like a pro. Simply get a toddler toilet and let your kid sit on it for fun practice.

5.Encourage Them to Play With Other Toddlers

What Should You Teach 18-months Toddler

Your toddler is of an age to learn and play. And when you put many toddlers in one room, chances are that there will be hell. Soon the room can be full of crying little ones and some frustrated or pouty mouths. Some might even pick a habit of hitting others. In such times, make sure you stay close and help your toddler play with other kids. If another kid grabs a toy and your toddler is getting irritated by waiting, talk to your child and help them wait.

6.Little Guy Must Know How to Share

What Should You Teach 18-months Toddler

Sharing becomes a problem even for adults, especially if it comes to chocolate! Wink! And we are trying to teach a toddler the value of sharing (oh, poor baby). But kids can be taught from an early age to share. Once your toddler is capable of grasping objects, you can start teaching him to share things bypassing the object back and forth in turns while saying, “Mommy’s turn, your turn.”

If you have a small baby sometimes it becomes difficult to devote yourself fully to your hobby. But that’s only possible when you will know to enjoy it with your baby also. But that depends on the hobby you are having. So here are some hobbies you can also enjoy with your baby.

7.Tantrum Control

What Should You Teach 18-months Toddler

If your toddler is frustrated or getting angry for not getting what he or she wants, you can bet there is a big, bad temper tantrum coming your way. To teach that such behavior is unacceptable, all you have to do is turn your face away from them. Sounds harsh but works like magic. It is because the toddlers desire your attention and when you don’t give them that, they realize your disapproval and learn that their behavior is wrong.

8.No TV for the Toddler

What Should You Teach 18-months Toddler

It’s a digital world. TV, laptop, or iPad are something that the kids know these days for sure. But your a year and a half old don’t need to sit in front of a giant screen for long. Believe me; long screen hours will only harm your little one. So make sure you limit their TV time to about 30 to 60 minutes only and not more than that in a day.

9.Talk More To Your Baby

What Should You Teach 18-months Toddler

At 18 months old, your toddler understands most of the things that you say and also is capable of speaking a few words in his cute voice. To develop his language skills in the best possible way, you should start speaking to him as much as you can. Toddlers pick up their language skills by listening to people talking around them. So beware and make sure you don’t swear!

10.Let Them Know the Separation

What Should You Teach 18-months Toddler

It is difficult to turn away from their giant teary eyes and wobbling lips, but to make sure that your toddler overcomes this fear of separation; you should give them a little dose of separation. And don’t just sneak away from them. Give their adorable cheeks some love with kisses and say goodbye and assure them that you will be back in a jiffy.

You will have to understand that you can make yourself comfortable with many things when you have an experience but your kids can’t do that. So when you are going on a camping trip, you should remember some important things when you are camping with kids as a safety measure.

What Should You Teach 18-months Toddler and chances are that they won’t listen to you much, not at least at this age are two very distinct things. They are still very small, possessive of their toys, and little dictators to learn much. So, don’t start these basic teaching lessons with high expectations. Give them time to grow and explore the world on their own. And don’t get mad or angry at them. These cute, little hellions still have a long time to go.

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