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30 Funeral Quotes For A Loved Ones

Losing a loved one can be extremely traumatic. It disturbs the whole life of a person – physical well being, mental well- being and the normal routine of a person, everything goes for a toss when they lose a loved one. But, isn’t that how a human life cycle is designed? When a person is

40 Best Disney Movies Quotes to Inspire you in Life

We love Disney movies! These animation flicks strike the right chord with us. And guess what, it’s not just small kids that have the love for these movies, even adults binge-watch them. And trust us, the people who watch them back to back are not to be blamed here. Disney movies are so engrossing and

40 Heartwarming Mother and Father Love Quotes

There is no love greater than a mother’s and no care bigger than a father’s. Though your mother carries you in her womb for 9 months, the father is also always there for his children. Did you ever wonder, why they are called FAMILY? Because FAMILY says, father and mother, I Love You. Here we

40 Strong Save Earth Slogans and Sayings

This year’s famous Hollywood movie “Avengers: Infinity War” has again fuelled the discussion about population control being the ideal method for saving the universe. This same concept was endorsed by the famous English thinker Thomas Malthus, who in his essay titled “ An Essay on the Principle of Population, published in 1798, wrote – that

40 Cute Brother and Sister Quotes and Sayings

The sibling relationship has sporadically been the subject of attention in almost every family. Sibling’s relationship is the only close family relationship with the potential to last a lifetime. When we talk about cute brother-sister relationship, we naturally emphasize more on sibling rivalry and those endless blame game fights. But as we move from our

30 Inspirational Spiritual Quotes about Life

Life is such a big puzzle to crack, that we all sometimes need to fall back on our motivational tank and refuel it with quotes and inspiration for the day. It is rightly said that one cannot stay motivated all throughout the life; but one can definitely refuel whenever one wants to. Spiritual awakening is