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How to Look Confident even When you are Not

Starting from those old school days to the days of facing job interviews one thing is very common among most of us that we don’t feel confident from inside while we are in the examination hall or in front of the interviewers. Often it happens that we are good enough at our work or we are well groomed in our skill but something inside us terrifies us and we become less confident and more anxious. We have to face many serious situations everyday which have lot to do with our careers and all and if we are not confident enough at least if we don’t look so by our face it may worsen the entire situation even we may miss some golden opportunities. If so is happening with you also this is the right article you have chosen that can show you some light about how to look confident even when you are feeling down from inside.

How to Look Confident even When you are Not:

1. It is just a feeling state: If you are not feeling confident or nervousness is taking the charge on you think one thing that it is a temporary state. Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, an American neuroanatomist confirms that the chemical response of most feeling state only stays for about 90 seconds. But we human being do not let that feeling go away even when the chemical process has been ended. We think a lot about the thought process and end up being more terrified.


2. Don’t think much about what people are thinking about you: Our mind has two selves. One is the inner self and the other is the social self. It is the social self which makes us conscious about how people are thinking about us. How we can impress them by our deeds etc. this is very good as we all are social animal and this self is also needed when we are doing any community work but if this social self starts to dominate the inner self then we start giving the other people more importance which they do not even deserve and this makes us less confident and we feel that people are not thinking good about ourselves. So listen to your inner self and make a balance between these two selves. It will surely boost up your confidence level.


3. Challenge your fears: See the good part of everything. If you are feeling nervous and if you are lacking confidence in something it may also mean that you are trying something new. That is why you are not feeling comfortable. But it is a good sign. Every time challenge your fears and take up new works. It will improve your confidence level.


4. Use confident body language: When you are not actually feeling comfortable about something one thing which can save you a long way is your confident body language. Make good postures, hold your head high and look up straight. When you are saying something , don’t fumble but be slow and clear. These are some smart tricks which helps you to look more confident.


5. Lack of confidence vanishes with time: When we started learning how to write we were not at all confident as the alphabets, the numbers the punctuations were strangers to us but with due course of time that lack of confidence reversed into good writing skills. So it is a process and when you practice something day after day the feeling of nervousness fades away eventually.


6. Have faith in your own abilities: From now onwards whenever you will feel nervous while starting any work just take a deep breath, close your eyes and affirm yourself that you are dependable enough to undertake the job and convince yourself about your ability. Without a certain amount of reasonable self confidence no man can be successful. So the journey from being nervous to becoming a confident man starts from you only.


7. Ignore your inner lizard: There is an almond shaped nuclei called, ’Amygdala’, at the temporal region of our brain. When we feel less confident the stress hormones excite this part of brain and the negative thinking are created. This part of brain just looks like a lizard. Now you think whether you will get terrified by a lizard or not!

8. Find for positivity around you: There are people who are only worried about people who are not responding him well. But we should concentrate on those people who are actually giving good responses. This will help in shedding that extra stress and will make us confident about ourselves.

There is a saying, “Fake till you make it”. Certainly until you fell genuinely confident try to think that you are so it will change the way your brain responses to certain situations. And practice constantly. Do embarrassing things even when not needed. It will make you more confident and ready for any situation.


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