Basic First Aid Tips: How to Treat Cut, Burning and Strain

An accident can happen anytime so you should be prepared with a basic first aid treatment. It’s very important to have a first aid box at home and it should consist all the necessary equipment needed for a basic treatment. But do you really know how to deal a cut or a burn or even a strain? You should have that knowledge to give a first aid treatment to anybody or even yourself. If you don’t have proper knowledge, read out this article and it will teach you the basic first aid tips. Check out these best remedies to shrink out your pores naturally.

Minor injuries are common and it happens almost every day. Maybe you or any of your close one may have a cut while cutting vegetables, a burn while cooking or even a muscle strain during exercise. You will have to deal it and so it is very important to know the right ways of dealing. Here are all the tips we have included to give you an idea of the first processes.

Basic First Aid Tips: How to Treat Cut, Burning and Strain

Treat a Cut:
While treating a cut in an emergency, there are some particular steps you will have to follow.
1. In an emergency, don’t forget to wash your hands before treating a cut. You may be doing anything and in between, you will be doing the treatment. So it is always recommended to wash both the hand properly so that you don’t have any bacteria which may cause an infection in future.

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2. Now your next duty is to stop the bleeding. Take a gauze pad and use it to apply pressure on the cut so that the bleeding stops from inside. It may take some time depending on the place of cut and depth of cut.

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3. Now once the bleeding stops, you will have to clean the wound area. You can wash the cut with saline water or even keep the wound under running water. Clean the whole side area with soap water but don’t put soap on the wound as it may cause irritation. You can also use hydrogen peroxide for cleaning.

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4. Now take the tweezer from your first aid box and remove all the dirt and foreign particles from the wound. It may be a glass or some dirt etc. Remember that the tweezer should be cleaned with an alcohol.

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Now if you see the wound is very serious and still bleeding, only first aid treatment will not work. In such case take the patient to a doctor.

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Treat a Burn:
Burns are mainly classified into three types, the first degree, the second degree and the third-degree burns. But among all these, only the first-degree burn can be treated with a first aid and the rest two need medical supervision.
First Degree Burn: The first-degree burn is also called as minor burns, it causes redness of the skin with pain and soreness.
Second Degree Burn: Second Degree burns form blisters. The skin maybe red and it is very painful.
Third Degree Burn: In the third-degree burn, the skin becomes white and all the nerves get damaged. Third-degree burns cause no pain.
1. While treating the burn, first take the burned area and out it under a cool running water for at least 5 minutes. This will reduce the swelling.

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2. Now put the antibiotic ointment on the burned area and if possible aloe vera cream to sooth the skin.

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3. Now loosely wrap a sterile gauze around the burn to keep it protected.

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4. If you feel pain, you can take acetaminophen, ibuprofen or naproxen.

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5. Don’t put force on the blisters or pop it, as the blisters are the nature’s own bandage. Popping a blister may cause infection or damage the skin.

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Treating a Strain:
Muscle strains are very common and it can happen any time accidentally. But you will have to how to deal with it. Have a look.
1. First, you will have to control the swelling and prevent further injury. So for that protect the strain with an elastic bandage or a splint.

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2. Rest the muscle for a day and ice immediately. You should continue this process for next 2 days icing once every hour for 15-20 times.

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3. Try to keep the are compressed with an Ace or an elastic bandage.

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4. For managing the pain, you can take aspirin tablets or ibuprofen tablets. Don’t aspirin tablets to anyone below 18 years of age.

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5. Wait for two days and if it still shows no improvement, you should go to the doctor.

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A muscle strain may be serious in some cases, so don’t wait more than 2 days. Go to an orthopedic doctor for proper treatment.
Knowing about the basic first aid tips helps a lot in your regular life. It will increase your knowledge to deal with various situations and you can also keep your mind cool in the case of emergency. Every time it is not possible to get a doctor immediately, so in that cases, first aid helps any patient to get some instant relief. It’s important for every home.


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