10 Costly Hobbies of the Famous and Rich People

We all know that hobbies are fun things that we choose to indulge in, when we have some time to spare. The hobbies we choose to go with, depends on the type of individual we are and our special preferences. That is why we see such a diverse scope of activities being taken up as a hobby. Some people go for physical sports like hiking, cycling and some go for the intellectual pursuits like drama, historical research etc. But in this article we will look at some of the most expensive hobbies that only the famous and wealthy people can afford.


The hobbies that the rich indulge in and the money they spend on these is not something that normal people can even think of. Most people will go for hobbies that do not cost that much but we are talking about that strata of people who do not have to pay any heed to the expense factor.

Costly Hobbies of the Famous and Rich People

Driving race cars on track at a cost of 360 dollars for quarter of an hour
This is a hobby that is really costly and fun to do. We are sure that there are many men who are out there who love car racing and would love to be able to indulge in this hobby. You have to know that though most men would wish to have the fun of racing expensive race cars on the track, the cost can be a limiting factor and by this we are only talking about the cost of racing costs, insurance etc. If you plan to own a car, then the costs would be really high.

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Racing a Yacht the rent costing 5000 dollars
If you are even thinking of hiring a yacht, then you will need to know that the cost will be pretty high. No wonder then that this hobby rates as one of the most expensive hobbies people can indulge in. the rental charges we are talking about here are just for a day and still would not let you participate in races like the one held in Dubai.

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A round trip around the globe costing 10000 dollars
Traveling is a hobby that we all know about, it ranks among the most expensive because we are talking about a trip across the world. While many people do indulge in travel to a certain extent, it is not within the budget of all to travel the world as this not only includes the cost of travel but also other related expenses like food, accommodation and other costs.

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Breeding and maintaining horses costing 40000 dollars
If you thought of horse racing as a costly pastime, then horse breeding goes beyond that. In fact, you need a lot of money to simply buy a colt or filly and then you have to factor in costs of stabling, vet, transportation, grooming and breeding. When you think of the sheer extent of expenses, you will realize that this is a hobby for the very rich.

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Classes for flying costing 100000 dollars
We are sure there are lots of folks out there who want to be able to “drive” an aircraft. But rarely do people get to live this dream due to the sheer costs involved in doing this. You will have to spend a fortune on just going for aviation classes where you learn to fly. When it comes to the actual flying part, this includes the buying, fuel, maintenance costs of an airplane.

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Collecting antiques like Persian silk carpets cost 257000 dollars
This is a hobby that only the very wealthy can think of and indulge in due to the sheer costs involved. Their aim is to own something that is one of a kind and that nobody else has. That is why they do not mind spending a fortune on looking for, identifying and purchasing the antique coin etc. What is more, there is a cost factor involved in storing these antiques, insuring them and taking care of them.

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Having an exotic pet like a cheetah cub costing 315000 dollars
If you look at the list of people who have indulged in an exotic pet, then you are likely to come across names that firmly belong to the rich and famous. Ranging from wild cats to the most exotic birds, these wealthy people have gone for the one they wanted. The cost factor not only comes in when you acquire the pet but also in the care and creating a habitat for the pet along with food, medication and other costs.

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A poker game with stakes as high as a million dollars
When you are playing a game with such high stakes, there is a good chance that you will lose it too. Only if you are willing to take on such a risk and afford to put in million dollars, should you even think of playing this game.

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Vintage car collection like the 1973 Bugatti costing four million dollars plus
If you are into expensive vintage cars, then you need to have a fortune to spend on these. The price tags on these cars are enough to make anyone pale with dismay unless of course you are a wealthy person who can indulge in this hobby.

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Art collection like a Triptych costing 142 million dollars
This hobby will have the privilege of being the wealthiest hobbies because these are the costliest paintings. The Triptych cost a huge amount that is beyond the comprehension of most folks.But if you have the money for it, obviously you should go ahead and enjoy this hobby.

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