Difference between Hobbies and Interests

There are many words in English language that we use almost for a similar meaning. But sometimes they do have a bit different meaning inspite of being closely related to each other. No, they are not regarded as synonyms but actually come with different definition and inner meaning. Hobbies and Interests are such two words that we use almost to understand similar meaning. But they are totally different words and have different definition. If you are really confused, know about the difference between hobbies and interest from this detailed article based on this particular topic.

To know about the differences of these two words in deep, you will have to first get an outline knowledge about the definitions. Maybe you think that they are two different words with more or less the same meaning, you have a great misconception.


Difference between Hobbies and Interests:


It is an activity, which gives us immense pleasure, and it is mainly done in our spare time or you can say leisure. For such instance of you like to spend your spare time with plants in your garden, then you probably one of your hobby is gardening. After all, it is an activity, which makes you happy. Even you can find that you will forget all your stress when you are engaged in that. Yes, hobbies differ from man to man and hobby can be anything for you.


Interest is something that makes you curious about a particular activity. For example if a subject arouses the curiosity of a person, it is said that the interest lies in that subject. Suppose, you like to know about sports and different facts about sports makes your curious. You try to know the details about that. That means you have an interest on sports. But that doesn’t means that you will have to be practically engaged with sports. Maybe you have a great interest in politics and you like to know about politics but that doesn’t means that you will have to be engaged with politics physically.

So know you can easily understand the perspective of both the words and now it will be much easier for you to get the differences between these two. Actually if you don’t know the actual meaning of the words, it will be tough for you to get the differences. So now, we will be talking about the differences below so that you can have a clear conception of the difference between hobbies and interest.


Differences between Hobbies and Interests:


Hobby is an activity, done almost regularly in the leisure time for pleasure.

Interest is a thirst to learn more about a particular subject or to stay engaged about the learning process about that subject.



It may be possible that sometimes hobbies are driven by interests.

Interest may not necessarily lead to a hobby.



Hobbies are almost pursued regularly.

Interest is not pursued regularly and actively.



Hobbies are always done for fun and recreation.

Interests are always something serious and you will have to be serious about that.



Hobby is important in life but for your mental fulfillness.

Interest is important in your life for increasing your knowledge.



Hobbies rarely effect your career.

Interests mostly effects your career.


So understanding the basic meaning of these two words is just a fact of some minutes but still most of us had a misconception about it. We always mixed these two words in same perspectives, as there was a mistake in understanding the particular say of a single word. There are many such words in the English dictionary, which are almost attached to each other. So now, you can differentiate your hobbies and interests if you are really confused between these two. Some people do mention their hobbies in their Resume just because to give an idea about the nature and activities but very few of us do mention our interests in it. Interest is also equally important for a resume, as it will mention about the subject you have knowledge of. If possible, make two others points in your resume to mention the hobby and interest separately. So from now on, it will be easier for you to know the activity, which will give you a bit of relief.


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