20 Useful Guides on Different Types of Fabric Name

When it comes to Fabric you need to be aware of fashion. And when it comes to fashion you must know what is in rage and what is already out of the field. And along with your outfits, you need to be aware of its clothing material. Although it often happens that when we are talking about a particular type of clothing, we confuse it with some other one. The result is you end up with a type of dress that you didn’t even intend to have.

There are numerous categories that one can classify a fabric into. And different Fabrics need different care. So it’s really important for you to know the apt names of the Fabric and how do those Fabrics actually look like and feel like. It’s also a great deal that you can purchase fabric and sew it for yourself and if you didn’t know how to sew some easy and simple sewing techniques will guide you. Given below is a list of Useful Guides on Different Types of Fabric Name that you should definitely know to perfectly differentiate them from each other and grab the best one.

Useful Guides on Different Types of Fabric Name

Bamboo Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

The pulp of the bamboo grass is used to make this bamboo fabric. The fibers of bamboo are very short hence they are turned into yarn with heavy employment of chemicals. The bamboo fabric is light and strong and keeps the wearer comfortable in all seasons.

Velvet Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

Velvet is known for its softness and glossiness. Velvet is generally made from silk and rayon. They are easy to use and are stronger and elastic. They can be washed easily and are totally low maintenance. Velvet fabric is used in many different garments such as in dresses, trousers, sheets, curtains, etc.

Denim Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

Denim is easily picked up amidst the different types of Fabric. Denim is rugged and sturdy cotton fabric in which the twill weaving produces distinctive diagonal ribbing on the underside of the fabric. The denim shirts and trousers are always in rage and they feel comfortable.If you have waste clothes at home so, there are stunning ways to recycle old clothes into new fashion.

Cotton Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

Cotton fabric comes from natural fibers of cotton plants. Cotton is what you can use in every season and they feel soft and soothing on the skin. The fibers of the cotton are generally are about 2 inches long and the longer the staple length the better is the quality of the fabric. The Egyptian cotton is known for its high-quality fabric.With the help of this fabric, you can make some easy and attractive fabric flowers.

Flannel Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

Flannel is a soft woven fabric that is mostly made from wool, cotton or synthetic fibers. Its loosely spun yarn provides the softness to the fabric. The fabric is easy to use and mostly used in shirts, sheets, and sleepwear.

Chiffon Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

Chiffon is a lightweight, sheer fabric with a flowy soft drape. It is made from silk or rayon or other polyester materials. It is very thin and is the most preferred choice of fabric when it comes to blouses, scarves and evening dresses.

Satin Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

Satin is made from cotton, silk, polyester and wool fibers. It is a very slippery fabric with one side being glossy and matte on the other side. It is light, soft and shiny and is used for evening gowns, lingerie, trousers, coats, etc.

Crepe Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

Crepe fabric is made from almost every type of fibers and mostly from silk, cotton, viscose, and wool. It is very thin and crisp to touch and have a bit rough texture. The delicate appearance of this fabric is the most attractive aspect of it.

Silk Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

Silk is the most luxurious and expensive fabric which is made from the natural silk fibers coming from the silkworm. It is shiny, beautiful and soft which can be worn in every season. India has the second largest silk textile industries after China.

Jute Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

Jute fabric is made from natural fibers obtained from the jute plants. Jute fiber is soft and has long strong threads. It is cheap and durable and is mostly used to make bags, burlaps, and mats.

Blend Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

Blend fabric is made from more than one type of fiber. Two different fibers combine and create a yarn with new distinct characteristics. Polyester and cotton fibers are mostly mixed together to produce this fabric.

Wool Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

Wool is a natural fiber coming from the fur of different animals such as sheep, goat, alpaca, and llama. It has an excellent wicking property and the fabric is soft and durable. Cashmere is one of the finest quality wool.

Linen Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

Linen is the soft and fresh fabric that feels smooth and comfortable on the skin. The linen is mostly used for shirts, sheets, and other home furnishing items. The linen is made from natural flax fibers and is easy to wash so, that you can use waste fabrics to enlighten your home with fabric mats.

Leather Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

Leather fabric is the most classic and exotic fabric. Leather can be worn in all seasons and it is soft and stretchy. The leather fabric is used in various goods such as clothing, bags, shoes, belts, etc.

Spandex Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

Spandex is also called as ‘Elastane’. Spandex has amazing flexible characteristics that are lightweight and fits the body like second skin. It is stronger and durable and is used in many fashion fabrics.

Nylon Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

Nylon is basically a silk substitute and is a thermoplastic silky material. It has superb flexibility and is very durable. No special efforts are needed to be taken for the cleaning of this fabric.

Jersey Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

Jersey was originally made from wool fiber but today it can be made from different other fibers. Jersey is a smooth and finely knitted fabric. Cotton and viscose fibers are mostly used to make this fabric these days.

Lace Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

Lace is generally made from synthetic or natural fibers whose threads are knitted or looped together to form a netlike fabric. Lace fabric looks elegant and is available in numerous patterns and textures. Lace is mostly used for dresses and gowns, sheets, etc.

Polyester Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

Polyester is a man-made fabric which consists of naturally occurring chemicals and synthetics. The polyester fabric is strong and soft and it does not wrinkle easily. It has low water absorption characteristics and is often used with other fibers to enhance the quality of the resultant fabric.

Rayon Fabric
Different Types of Fabric

Rayon is made from purified cellulose coming from wood pulp and is known as semi-synthetic fiber. It is silk-like fabric and also shows the texture of cotton, wool, silk, and linen. It can be died easily and are soft and smooth to touch.

These are the different types of Fabric that are widely used in various industries. Now you know what are they made from and how to know what type of cloth it is. So next time when you go for shopping, you wouldn’t get confused over the fabric.


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