10 Drinking Games for Two People

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A good drinking game is something that everyone loves to indulge in and is very helpful in breaking the ice when new people get together. There are some popular games that people play when it groups like True American or Beer Pong, but you can have a drinking game even if only two people are involved. You can either play with a friend you have known for a while or with someone whom you hope to get to know better.

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Social occasions can be very awkward when two people get together on a date and feel the need to know more about each other but do not know how to proceed. Often the person feels pressured to be fun and entertaining without much success and making things awkward. Drinking games come in handy when you want to have fun on a date or even with just a friend having a lot of fun.

10 Drinking Games for Two People

Lower or Higher: This game cannot be simpler and you can play it using an app or with actual cards. The dealer will turn a card from the top and the second player has to guess whether it is a lower or higher card. If the guess is right, then the second dealer gets to drink or else the first one does.

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One lie and Two Facts: The first player makes three statements, two of which are true and one is a lie. The second person has to guess which one is the lie. If the guess is right, then the second person gets to drink or else the first person does. This can be a good way to know more about the other person while still having fun together. Drinks are a way of loosening things.

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Power Hour: The goal is to get each person to drink one shot per minute for an entire hour, making it 60 shots. The person who is able to do it is the winner. Of course this game is not without its side effects and the person who wins is likely to get a major hangover the next day but that danger is always there when you play drinking games.

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I Have Never…: You need to start each sentence with never have I ever and make a statement about something you never did before. If the other person has done that activity then he or she gets to drink or else you get to drink. This is a nice way to get to know what the other person’s interests are and find things to do in common.

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Flip a Cup: Both the players in this game need to chug a cup of beer as quick as they can and then place the cup upside down on the table edge with the rim hanging on the edge to a certain extent. You will need to flip the rim to become upright on the table. This will continue to absorb you and keep you engaged for quite a while.


Battle Shots: This is a game that you can buy or play with some stuff right at home. You need paper, pencil and 6 shots. Draw a grid that is 7 by 7 on the paper and name one axis with alphabets and the other with numbers. Then mark one x with submarine, two for destroyer and three for the battleship. Then guess the opponent’s shot and the person who hits get a drink and so on.

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Truth or Dare or Drink: Ask people personal questions and if they do not want to answer then they need to drink. Dare portion also comprises taking the dare or drinking. This is just an elaborate way of playing the simple game of truth or dare only this time drinking is part of the game making it a lot more fun.

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Quarters: You need quarters and cups to play the game with each person trying to bounce a quarter into the shot glass. If he makes it the other person gets to drink if he misses the other person gets a chance to make the shot and you get to drink when they make the shot.


Going to a Picnic: You need to start with alphabetical things to bring to a picnic, adding one item for each turn. Every time somebody makes a mistake, you need to have a drink. It is great time with lots of fun, laughter and drinks thrown in.

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Caps: You can play this game with two or four people with each person sitting opposite the other with a cup of beer. The person opposite throws the bottle cap of beer into the cup of beer of the opposite person. If the person succeeds, then the person who succeeded, will get to drink the beer.

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