10 Hacks to Keep Fresh Cut Flowers Last Longer

Who doesn’t love to keep a bunch of fresh flowers in their drawing room? But the problem is that we have to change the bouquet once or twice a week. But if you really want to keep the flower fresh for a more couple of days, it’s possible. There are hacks to keep fresh cut flowers last longer. So stop your flowers from drooping down and take a special care of them. Read this full article to know about that in details.

1. Add water and check the level daily:

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It is one of the best ways to add water in the vase to keep flowers fresh for a long time. Actually, the water level depends on the quantity of flowers. The more flowers, the more water. Some flowers consume a lot of water to stay fresh. So you will have to check the water level daily.

2. Use Flower Food:

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You will see that mostly the flowers come in a packet. So once you take out the flowers, don’t throw it in the dustbin. It contains powdered flower foods that help to keep the flowers fresh for a long time. The powder contains sugar, acidifier, and bleach. So sprinkle a small amount of that powder every time you change the water.

3. Clean the Vase:

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Hygiene is very important for the flowers. Actually, bacteria grows over time in the flower bouquets. So to save the flowers from the bacteria, clean the vase regularly before placing a new bunch in it. This helps in keeping the new bouquets fresh and last longer.

4. Copper coin in the vase:

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Yes, this one is very interesting as you should know that copper metal fights with the bacteria that grows inside the vase. So you should drop a copper coin inside the vase which stops the bacteria from growing.

5. Keep away from Fruits:

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Most of the time, when we keep a vase as a centerpiece on our dining table, there are obviously some fruits kept near it. But this is not at all healthy for the flowers. Ripening fruits produce a gas known as ‘Ethylene’, which is very harmful to the flowers and it will make the flowers dry very soon.

6. Feed with Fizzy Drinks:

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Mixing a few fizzy drinks in the water will longer the life of the flowers. We are saying about Sprite or 7-up which we drink very often. But this should keep in three to one ratio of water to soda. The dilution of soda and water helps in killing all the insects inside the bouquet.

7. Cut the Stems:

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There is a technique of cutting the flower stem which helps to keep them fresh. Always cut the flower stem at a 45-degree angle. But what’s the necessity of that? Yes, the 45-degree angle cut creates a larger surface area for the flowers to drink water.

8. Making Flower Food:

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It may be possible that you are not getting flower food as we have mentioned earlier. But what to do in that situation? You will have to make a flower food solution at home and you can do that easily. Take some sugar, lime juice, and household bleach every time you put water in the vase and mix it nicely to make a solution. This kills the bacteria from growing inside and will also work as a flower food solution.

9. Place to keep the flowers:

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It is very important where you are keeping the flowers. So you will have to wisely decide where to place the flower vase. Always avoid keeping them near heat and keep them in a cool environment where they don’t get direct sunlight. In addition, it is better not to keep them near doors and windows.

10. Put Clean Water:

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As you put water in the vase, you will have to see whether the water is filtered or not. You can put tap water and it is quite fine, but it is much better to fill the vase with filtered water. So it is always recommended to go with the better option.

Actually, a bunch of flower at our home or office adds a cheer around. So now you know how to keep fresh cut flowers last longer with the above working steps. It is not a big deal to keep your flowers for a little more time as you expected. It will be better if you can know about the specialized caring tips for the particular flower you are keeping.

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