How To Increase Instagram Followers: 10 Simple Ways

Instagram is the raging trend now! It’s one of the most popular social networking sites that gained a huge number of subscribers up recently. Everything, right from modeling to businesses, to promotions of firms and films, to interacting with customers- Instagram has become the central site. It’s now a task at hand to have a decent number of Instagram followers. While taking up fake followers might seem intimidating, it is the worst idea to begin with. Here are 10 simple (and original, of course) ways to increase followers:

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How To Increase Instagram Followers

A Dedicated Hashtag

How To Increase Instagram Followers

Circle down on the hashtag that goes in with your profile, business or not, in order to broaden the use. You’ve to be dedicated to use this hashtag whenever you post anything on the profile, even in stories! People will come to know about the hashtag sooner than later.

Massive Interaction

How To Increase Instagram Followers

You cannot be scrolling down the feed and expect your reach to double up. You’ll have to massively interact via your profile. And by interacting, we do not mean spamming up DMs. You’ll be needed to comment on various profiles to let people know about your profile.

Get Creative with Your Captions

How To Increase Instagram Followers

READ- Do not copy and paste captions off Google! That’s not a creative way, darling. You’ll have to think and go really super creative with the captions. People ought to appreciate the captions, and then head up to your profile. So, captions = key to larger reach.

Care about the Existing Followers

How To Increase Instagram Followers

It is completely acceptable to spam people’s stories with influencing about your account. Tell them to switch on ‘turn notifications’ tab to get more of you. Ask your existing followers to react more to your posts so that your posts go up their feeds more often! Instagram algorithms, phew! When you are feeling low, there is no way you want to put yourself out there in any sense. But does our life allow us to waste entire days lying in bed? It cannot! So, use these positive and smart ways to motivate yourself, because no one can do that better than you..

Make it Look Authentic

How To Increase Instagram Followers

People won’t follow you if you do not post anything about YOU. You have to make the account look authentic above all, to attract followers. So, remove unwanted tags off your profile, post more and often about you and how-about! Make the entire interaction with accounts, posting and chatting with people look authentic. You don’t want people to report your account, do you?

Create an Attractive Feed

How To Increase Instagram Followers

Feeds attract followers from wide and far. You can’t have a poor looking feed and want people to follow you! Give them a reason to follow you, an inspiration to stick up to you. If you want to know how to Increase Instagram Followers and feel Instagram ought to be your sole business profile, you’ll have to invest in it as well. Creating feeds require a kind of pre-planning. Save the pictures according to your game plan in the drafts before posting.

Do not Put Frames to Pictures

How To Increase Instagram Followers

Frames make the pictures look smaller than the original size and kill the entire mood of the picture. Let it be raw, without a lot of filters puked on it; and let it go on the gram without frames and sides. The reach will definitely increase as compared to the times you’ve used the frames! Comment on and tell us a few more tips and hacks that you keep in check as to let our readers know How to Increase Instagram Followers.

Get Funny and Less Formal

How To Increase Instagram Followers

You got to connect to people too, to connect to their accounts. Get funny, sarcastic with your captions and stories to attract more accounts off. By funny, you don’t have to really turn out to a stand-up comedian; but you can do just fine with a bit of puns here and there! Let people know you’re full of life, and not a grumpy old man!

Create Promotions

How To Increase Instagram Followers

This is tried and tested way by top class bloggers and YouTubers to create promotions. Instagram promotions are really reasonable and that do get you followers (REAL ones!) on to your profile. It then depends on you to hold them to your profile and How well your count of Instagram Followers is peaking up. Creating promotions is only available to the business accounts.

Develop Your Own Style

How To Increase Instagram Followers

There are many applications that’ll edit your pictures in a certain way. Create your own logo, if you have a business up there. Go with a certain style of posting pictures. Edit your pictures in one certain style. It’s all about consistency and patience; even with the pictures.

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Instagram is that one social networking site that requires a lot of planning and patience. Followers do not turn up overnight. You’ll have to be consistent with your profile, the work you do over there and the efforts you put in. Business accounts require more time than private blogs to reach out to more numbers. All about patience, followers do turn up if you’ll follow the simple ways and ignore these hacks on How to Increase Instagram Followers.

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