How to Make Towel Animals (10 Creatures to Practice)

Do your laundry items seem to be boring to you or are you trying to make something tricky and funny out of those laundry items? Then this article is a sure solution to your problem. You can make some easy and familiar animals or creatures out of your towels. It will not only be your recreation but will also help you to add some fun to your bathroom. How much fun it would be if an elephant resides on your washroom shelf and stares at you while you are taking a shower!

The main plus point of this recreation item is that you have to invest negligible amount of penny for this. Everybody has different sized towels in their home which can be used to make different creatures. But yes, requirement wise you may need long bath towel or short hand towel. Some creature needs both the size simultaneously. So just gather the towels and you have to buy only some plastic eyes and satin ribbon sort of things if you want to make your animal look more alive. That’s it. So don’t be baffled, have some coffee in your hand and go through this article which will teach you how to make those creatures efficiently. Here are 10 creatures for you to practice and the tutorial links are also given at your convenience.

Tutorials to make Towel Animals:

1. Towel Dog: Dogs are the most common animal which you will first want to give a try. You need two towels, one of longer size and one of shorter size for this. One very useful direction for you is that always roll the towel folds firmly. It helps in giving your animal a very neat shape.


2. Towel Cat: The next most interesting animal to try is a cat. You need two towels of different size and some wash cloths for this. And a cat’s face needs some decoration too like eyes, whiskers and a collar to add some dignity to his look!


3. Towel Elephant: Now this majestic animal is everybody’s favorite. A towel elephant looks cute and is a bit tricky to make.  After you have accomplished in making an elephant, let him wear a pair of sunglasses to give him an interesting look.


4. Towel Crab: Yes, you can also make crab outta towel and they are pretty simple to make. Only one towel is needed. You can
play with the color of towel to make them look more realistic.


5. Towel Bunny: How much of fun it would be if you make an adorable bunny and place him on your dinner table! Only one small
hand towel is needed to make it.


6. Towel Monkey: Make a monkey out of towels and clip it onto a hanger and let it greet you while you enter your bathroom. You need one bath towel, one wash cloth, one cloth hanger and some pins to make it.


7. Towel Turtle: This slow moving animal is so cute to look at. You need one hand towel, one wash towel and wash cloth to give it a shape. Roll your towels firmly to give it a proper shape.


8. Towel Swan: A towel made swan will surely impress your guests if you place that in your bathroom.  Make two swans and make them seated face to face. Their neck will give a shape of heart.


9. Towel Mouse: When you have already known to make a towel cat you may also desire to make a towel mouse. Place them one after another and it will be fun seeing them together.


10. Towel snake: Though snakes are deadly but when you make a snake out of towel it becomes adorable and appreciable. You need only one bath towel and it is very easy to make. After you have made the pipe like body and have twisted it to make it seated stitch a satin ribbon piece at its mouth or glue it. Add eyes and your towel snake is ready.


Making animals out of towel enhances your imagination level to a far extent. Towel made creatures are fun to look at and they are also a very good gifting options. If you are planning to gift some laundry items to your friends, this time fold your items into some interesting creature and gift them. Your effort and the fun factor of the gift item will surely attract everybody’s attention. You can also decorate your bathroom with some lovely creature shaped towels. Now as you have gone through the entire article arrange for some towels and give it a try. You will surely enjoy your leisure time. At first start with the easier animals and then go for the trickier ones. Way to go folks!


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