5 Simple Ideas of Crochet Shoes with Flip Flop Soles

Have you ever thought of making a unique shoe from your flip flop soles? Perhaps not, as because it is something uncommon. But if you think you will be making something out of it, you can easily make out anything. Here we will give you all some ideas that will teach you to make crochet shoes with simple flip flop soles. Sound very amazing but if you know crochet art, it will be very easy for you to handle the projects. Otherwise, just learn immediately the techniques of crocheting and make out some amazing shoe ideas on your own.

Simple Ideas of Crochet Shoes with Flip Flop Soles:

1. Crochet Slippers: Yes, now you can think of making crochet slippers with this amazing tutorial brought to you by ‘Make and Do Crew’. We have found this an amazing idea and the main feature of this tutorial is that anyone with a bit of basic crochet idea can make it out. So once you are running out of budget to buy a new slipper, you can try out making this beautiful slipper out of simple budget friendly flip flop shoes. For more details have a look on the link.


2. Crochet Moccasins: Here’s another crochet flip flop idea that is too creative and cute in other word. You can make this for your girl kid or even you can also wear one by making this beautiful idea. Just a thing you will need is that you will have keep some love for crafts and that will do everything for you. No one can wait to make such a beautiful shoe after seeing them. They are also very hardy and can be worn with anything from skirts to jeans. So don’t miss out this amazing product when you can make one for you one your own.


3. Crochet Flipflop: A kind of different idea in this list but a very beautiful and creative one. If you are looking for the most easiest one, you should go for this and it will take hardly a day for you to make. In addition, after making this beautiful idea with your flip flop sole, it will hard for you to identify the old one. It’s for sure that you have never thought about making something like this with your flip flops. In other words, it’s amazing and you can be very happy with your own work.


4. Crochet Spa Slippers: Looking for a comfortable one, then without thinking anything else, you should jump into this project of making crochet spa slippers. First of all, you will enjoy a lot making this beautiful one and secondly you will love wearing it. Even it can be a good gift for anyone close to you. But yes, you will have to make that first and for that, look into the tutorial and it will very easy for you to make. You will just need some basic tools and objects to make it out and you can finish it in a weekend.


5. Crochet Loafer Slippers: Who doesn’t wants to get a comfortable loafer on their feet? Loafers are always fantastic and looks very good and gorgeous. Frankly saying that you will be really amazed after seeing the result of your work. You can never think that you will be making such a beautiful loafer on your own. So don’t miss it out this time and just make your time to make such an interesting DIY project within a short time. You can experiment with lots of colors that suit you and even make it out matching your outfits and costumes.


Making things on your own is always very special and it’s a lovely experience. You will also feel proud of yourself when you will say your friends that the footwear is made by you. All the projects above look so professional that it is hard to believe that it is made at home. So keeping in mind about all of you, we have come up with such simple ideas of crochet shoes with flip flop soles. So now, time has come that everyone will make their own thing at home and also within a budget. Forget about all the costly foot wears you were dreaming of.

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