Ways to Develop a Secure Bond with Your Child

There is a great difference between bonding and secure bonding that we all misunderstand and ignore during taking care of our kids. But it affects the psychology of every child, so as a mother it is your duty to develop the two types of bonding. Actually, secure attachment bonding is something that is nonverbal and it is completely an emotional relationship between a mother and a child. But how can you grow that with your child? Don’t worry you can do that very easily being a mother but you will have to know the correct ways to develop a secure bond with your child. So here’s an article for all the mothers.

Ways to develop secure bond with your Child:

1. Have Some Patience:

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Actually, we think that a relationship can grow in a single day, but it is actually impossible. You should have patience in the whole procedure, as growing a secure bond needs some time, it is not a matter of overnight. As the time will pass by, you will start understanding your baby more and so will do the baby. Have some patience and try to understand each other.

2. Learn to understand the baby cues:

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If you are a mother of multiple children, you will know that caring each child is different from each other. That is only because of the different personality and preferences. You will have to understand that every nervous system is unique from each other and so the likings will also be different. So the same rule will never match with every baby. So now your duty is to be a detective.

First of all, you will have to understand the facial expressions and body movements as clues. For example, they will move their hands as a response or may shake their head. Look and understand it.

Try to become familiar with the baby sounds. They will make a particular noise when hungry and a different noise when they are feeling cold. So try to identify their problems with their noise.

You will have to note the type of touch he or she is enjoying. You will understand what they are comfortable with and with what they are uncomfortable. So you will have to give a tender touch which will give them a comfort place.

Lastly, you will have to pay attention to the type of movements, sound, and environment they are enjoying. Some will love to stay in a movement, while some will like a soft music. Some will really enjoy when you take them outside.

3. Eating and Sleeping:

One of the most important steps of this procedure is understanding the eating and sleeping off your baby. If you can feed your baby frequently and give them extra time for rest, they will be more active when they are awake. So the more they will be alert and active during they are awake, the more it will be easier for you to create an attachment with them. You should know that every baby sleeps a lot during first few months, just because it helps in their development. So you will have to understand which is the best time for your baby to go to sleep and which is the best time for your baby to eat.

4. Try to interact with your baby:

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Now you will have to start interacting with your baby. You should talk, laugh and play with your baby. You should keep in mind that talking and laughing plays an important role in the development of a baby. Your body language matters to them and that is your key to interact with them. You will slowly start understanding when your baby wants to play or they want to exchange a smile. You will see that they will throw their hands and legs when they are happy. These all are the symbols that they are enjoying the interaction. Don’t feel timid and embarrassed as it will hamper the interaction.

5. Dad’s can be primary caretaker:

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It may be possible that in some family mothers are the bread earners a dad looks after the household matters. No need to be worried in that case. Dads can be the primary caretakers. Dad can also get emotionally attach to the child. Though the overall procedure is much easier for the mothers but dads can also achieve the same with a little more effort. May be it will take time, but dads can be successful.

While doing all these steps, you might think that you will have to be a perfect parent. But, your aim is not is not being a perfect parent, rather your aim is to develop a secure bond with your child. It is not compulsory to be a perfect parent to build a bond with your baby. Just do your best as you don’t know what your baby wants. The only things that make a bond secure are quality and responsiveness. So wish you can make a great bonding with your child.


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