30 Good Manners Your Kids Must Have

Your kids are distinguished on account of their good manners. No matter how intelligent or brilliant your kids are, if they are not well mannered, they are going to be hated in society. So being parents, your primary responsibility is to reinforce good manners in your kids. And today’s article deals with numbers of those good manners your kids must have. So let’s get deeper into those good manners which will help your kids to come out to be a great person in future.

Good Manners Your Kids Must Have:

The Basic Manners:

1. Using “please”: Teach them to say “please” while they are asking for something.

2. “Thank You”: Let them learn how to say “thank you” while receiving something.

good manners your kids must have 1

3. “Sorry” for the unintentional mistake: Let them apologize by saying “sorry” when they do any mistake.

4. “Excuse me”: If your kids want to interrupt somebody and want to get into any conversation make sure that they use the phrase “excuse me”.

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5. Respond to ” Thank you” using “welcome”: When somebody says ”thank you” to your kids, make them say “welcome” in reply.

Some Social Manners:

6. Do not interrupt: Teach your kids that it is rude to interrupt grown-ups while they are speaking with each other. Unless there is an emergency, teach them to talk only when others are finished talking.

7. Asking for Help: It happens numerous times that your kid spoils something as he is not aware of the usage of that thing. So tell him to ask for help while they are in doubt about doing anything.

8. Do not spread NEGATIVITY: The world is least bothered about what your kid dislikes. So train him not to express his disliking or negativity in public.

9. Use Polite Words: Commenting on anyone’s physical appearance or characteristics is harsh. So they should be taught to use only polite words for others.

good manners your kids must have 2

10. How to respond to Polite Questions: When your kid is asked about how they are doing, they should answer to that first and then, they should ask them back about how they are.

11. Knocking the door: Your kid should learn to knock any closed door and wait for a response before entering into.

12. Appreciate others efforts: If your kid spends a good time at any friend’s place, teach them to say “thank you” before leaving.

13. Avoiding Bad Languages: Which words are bad, which languages should not be used in public, kids often get confused about that. So Talk to them and explain to them.

14. Not calling people by mean names: Kids tend to call others by mean names. They should learn that these mean names only hurt people.

15. Do not tease others: Teasing or ganging up on someone else is inhuman.

16. Wait For your Turn: Your kid must wait for his turn to come. Pushing somebody or breaking the line is ill manner.

17. Do not litter: Neither in the house nor outside the house.

18. Using Dustbin: Growing the habit of throwing trash into dustbin is praised by everybody.


Table Manners:

19. Washing Hands Before Meal: It is the most important thing your kids should learn before having a meal.

20. Chewing: Their mouth should be shut while they are chewing.

21. Asking for Food: If your kids need something, they should ask for that to pass on to them and when it is done, they should say “Thank you”.

good manners your kids must have 3

22. Burps: Burps should not be very loud and should be followed by “Excuse me”.

23. Nose Picking: No nose picking or scratching is allowed on the table.

24. Asking for more: Asking for more is not at all a good manner as there are other people who will also have their food.

good manners your kids must have 3a

25. Permissions: Asking for Permission before leaving: Your kids should ask for permission while they are leaving the dinner table.

26. Washing own dish: If your kid does this after having a meal, he is such a well-mannered kid.


Classroom Manners

27. Arriving on time: Make sure your kids are punctual and they reach their school on time.

good manners your kids must have 4

28. Avoiding Side Conversation: When the class is going on, side talking is considered as one of the bad manners.

29. Addressing the Teachers properly: Your kids should address the class teacher by calling him/her as “Sir”/”Ma’am”.

30. Being Attentive in Class: Your kids should be actively engaged in class. Showing disinterest, falling asleep or staring
outside is unfair and rude.

So these were some ‘good manners’ your kids must have. One thing is very important for the parents that is, parents are the role models to the children and they try to copy their parents as much as they can. So behave properly in front of them so that they understand what is good and what is bad. And this article must have helped to understand what are those good manners your kids must have.


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