10 Activities That Teach Kids To Self Control

Children are like a sponge – they are quick in absorbing whatever you teach them. Be it the good things or the bad ones, they observe a lot and they can get a hang of it pretty quickly. As a matter of fact, it has been proven that children have a strong mind and brain as they are in the growing ages, and hence their memory is sharp enough to remember things.

Coming up are 10 active math games for preschool students which you should definitely take note of and use while handling those naughty preschoolers.

Activities That Teach Kids To Self Control

However, there are some soft skills that need to be taught to the kids. It is important that you start teaching your kid how to have control over one’s actions, anger and words. If you start teaching this to them from their very childhood, the better it will be for the kids, as they will know that they should have control over what’s right and wrong. But, how do we do this? Kids may have a short span of attention, and how do we teach them self-control in such cases? Now is the time to get to know this fun activity That Teaches Kids To Self Control.

Activities That Teach Kids To Self Control

A Calendar Of Happy Stickers

Activities That Teach Kids To Self Control

Maintain a customized calendar with dates and nothing else. Now, to this, you will add happy smileys or stars for all those days, where your kid has displayed good behaviour throughout the day. This shall be explained to your kids in advance. To make it interesting, your kid will also have a calendar and add stars for your good behaviour too! You can treat each other at the end of the month – the person who has fewer stars has to treat the other one.

Indulge Into The Habit Of Summoning Upon When Called

Activities That Teach Kids To Self Control

It is quite a human nature to just shout a yes, from wherever we are, when we are being called. But, that’s not good manners. That is why; put your kid into the habit of summoning whenever called upon. This will teach them this good gesture and will also teach them how to leave their work and give importance to others when someone is calling.

Play The Game Of Jenga

Activities That Teach Kids To Self Control

Jenga is a game known for attention, spontaneity and great patience. You can play a series of this game and the one who wins the maximum number of times becomes the winner. Your child may seem to get frustrated when he/she sees the tower falling but keep them motivated and ask them to keep moving on. This game will teach them to move on in life, even if there are minor falls in life.

Have Some Remote – Control Games In Life

Activities That Teach Kids To Self Control

Set some time for ground rules – there will be a person who will instruct – play, pause, rewind, fast forward and all the people playing the game will have to follow the instructions. When the head says pause, everything and everyone has to pause with whatever they are doing. Similarly, when the head says fast forward or rewind, the activity speed will have to change accordingly. This not only teaches a lot of self-control, but it also teaches your kid to respect opinions and instructions of others.

Play The Silent Game

Activities That Teach Kids To Self Control

This game can be played while travelling – like when you are dropping your kid to the school, play the silent game for about 5-10 minutes. During this game, nobody is allowed to talk – by this, we mean, no phone calls as well. Just sit in silence and observed the road, people and nature. This will help your kid to control their emotions.

Have Some Alone Time Each Day

Activities That Teach Kids To Self Control

Set about 30 minutes each day, to spend alone – your kid will spend this time alone and you will have the “ME” time as well. This will allow them to learn a number of things – sitting alone and spending some time with oneself, will allow them to reflect on their own day and actions. This will also teach them to respect other people’s privacy. Say, they are done with self-indulgence earlier than expected still they cannot come and disturb you – they will learn to let other people enjoy their “ME” time, when required.

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Get Them Into The Habit Of Self-Cleaning Of Chores

Activities That Teach Kids To Self Control

Till a certain age, as a parent, you shall be taking care of the daily chores of your kids. But, as they grow older, get them into the habit of helping you with the daily chores. This shall also include they picking up their toys and stuff when they are done playing. They may crib about it in the beginning, but do not compromise. It will teach them self-control as well, as they will understand that it is their responsibility to clean up after they are done.

Have Set Rules About Waking Up And Going To Bed

Activities That Teach Kids To Self Control

Kids can become quite fussy about getting up on time and sleeping on time. Set these rules clear from the very beginning to avoid any arguments at a later stage in life. Waking up on time and sleeping on time also allows your child to well plan their day based on the timings, allowing them tons of self-control.

While making the game, you will have to give their ideas more important as every single kid wants their idea to happen in reality. So it’s possible and you can make your own homemade games for kids .

Play Minute To Win It Games

Activities That Teach Kids To Self Control

Lemon and spoon race, blowing balloons or picking up the rmocol balls through straws – these minutes to win it games require high levels of patience and self-control. They have limited time to win and thus, they have to display great fighting spirit as well.

No Laughing Game

Activities That Teach Kids To Self Control

Play a game where you try to make your kid laugh, but they have to control and not laugh. This involves only verbal cues and no touching is this super fun one of the best games to practice control of self-emotions.

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Get going and get your kids into these super fun Activities That Teach Kids To Self Control.

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