7 Great DIY Wedding Decorations Ideas on a Low Budget

Wedding is a very special occasion in our life as it normally comes once in a lifetime. So we all wish this occasion to be remembered throughout our life. There are many ways by which you can make your wedding ceremony a special one but actually you will have to think out at which you are most comfortable and able as well. So in such case some people choose out the decoration ideas. Decoration can be done in many ways whether you think of the theme on your own or consult with a wedding planner. But actually these processes are all very costly. So if you are also thinking about the budget, just go with some of these beautiful creative ideas for your wedding.

Great DIY Wedding Decorations Ideas on a Low Budget

1. Chalkboard Mason Jars: This project is all about converting your old mason jars into a new look. Coat the jars with the layers of your favorite pastel paint and let it dry for some hours. Then rub it in sandpaper to give a complete antique look. Now you can use it for various types of decoration. It depends on you how you will use the upgraded mason jars. But we can suggest you to use it as flower vase, and keep it on the centre of the table as a centerpiece.

7 Beautiful DIY Wedding Decorations 1

2. Vintage Wood Table Numbers: We all know the use of table numbers in a wedding ceremony. But here we are looking for an addition of a rustic look in the table. Create these unique table number plates with wood and add something creative in the celebration. You can use it for numbers or some other features like menus, greetings etc. Check out the full tutorial here for better results.

7 Beautiful DIY Wedding Decorations 2

3. Glittered Tea Light Holders: This is a very easy and three step craft that looks very beautiful anywhere. If you are looking forward to add a romantic vibe on your wedding ceremony. The tutorial here will show tall and narrow tea light holders but you can add any size according to your choice. Again in some venues, candles are not permitted, in such case you can use LED alternatives as it also looks very beautiful. The full tutorial is given here and you can see it for further details.

7 Beautiful DIY Wedding Decorations 3

4. Colorful Cork Place Card holders: Cork lids are available at craft stores or even you can collect that on your own. Convert them into amazing and beautiful place cards. Cut a line on one side of the cork where you will place the card. Then dip it into various paint colors and create a cheerful and colorful environment on each table. Use vibrant colors for making it attractive. Here the tutorial is given and you can see that out.

7 Beautiful DIY Wedding Decorations 4

5. Mr. and Mrs. Chair Banner: If you are looking for a very easy craft decoration ideas for your wedding ceremony, just go with this lovely project. The template is given in the tutorial link and you can print it out and create with it as a guide. This project will also not take much of your time. After you have completed cutting the template, punch a hole on either side of the letters and sprinkle it with coloring glitters. Thread ribbon to tie all the letters together.

7 Beautiful DIY Wedding Decorations 5

6. Floral Glass Vial Place cards: This creative place card actually looks very high end but it is quiet affordable and easy. Choose plastic vials to reduce the cost more. Collect various different types of wild flowers that are very pretty. Take some pieces of craft papers and write the guest’s name on it. Punch a hole on it and tie it with the vial. You can also place the craft papers on top of a fabric piece.

7 Beautiful DIY Wedding Decorations 6

7. Push-Pop Confetti: To add something special in the ceremony, this one is a great idea. Once the ceremony is over, keep some people to distribute these confetti to the guests as when you will pass through the crowd, your guests will release these confetti on you. But before that make sure that your wedding venue allows confetti. Arrange for push-pop containers and fill each one with your homemade colorful confetti. Check out the details tutorial here for better ideas.

7 Beautiful DIY Wedding Decorations 7

So you know about some ultimate ideas that can make your wedding ceremony more creative and special one. If you are a creative person and you are looking for making this special occasion creative then this are the best ideas that you can go for. So have a good time and lead a happy life.

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