Simple Methods of Recycling Kitchen Waste to Save Environment

The environment is the biggest concern in today’s world and we all should take care of it because without a healthy and livable environment no one can actually maintain a healthy lifestyle. And if you are looking for some easy ways to serve good to the environment, you can actually start it from your own home, to be precised from your own kitchen. Yes, my friends, today’s article is all about some simple methods of recycling kitchen wastes to save your environment. By doing some little things you can actually make a difference in your environment. So without any more rambling let’s dig into those really cool methods of recycling kitchen wastes.

Simple Methods of Recycling Kitchen Waste to Save Environment:

1. Make Composted Manures out of the Wastes:

simple methods of recycling kitchen wastes 1

Do you know, more than half of the carelessly thrown trash is organic matter and they can make very good manure? You can also use your waste as good manure and use them to make your own kitchen garden. For this purpose, you have to segregate the dry waste and wet waste. Because, if both of them are mixed, composting becomes impossible. So start from your own kitchen and use your recyclable wet waste to make composted manure. Save the nature by planting some trees and the manure is all ready.

2. Worm composting:

simple methods of recycling kitchen wastes 2

If you are wondering about what is that, then let it be very clear that it is very easy and can be done in your apartment. You can make nutrient -rich compost if you recycle your food scraps. The smart way to recycling your kitchen waste to save the environment.

3. Feed the farm animals:

simple methods of recycling kitchen wastes 3

This one is the easiest option for you as it does not require any hard work. Though feeding your pet animals like dogs, cats with wet wastes is not a good idea but many farm animals like pigs, goats or cows will readily love these waste products as their food. So feed them and thus serve the nature.

4. Turn your waste into home décor item:

simple methods of recycling kitchen wastes 4

Many of your dry kitchen waste can easily be recycled and can be used as home décor item. When a canned product is empty and you are about to throw the can into the garbage bin just stop for a while, why not use it to make a finely painted pot and use it as a flower vase? The glass bottles can also be used as pencil holders at your office tables. So just think in a smarter way about how you can recycle and reuse your kitchen waste and there are actually plenty ways to do the same.

5. Contribute your waste to gardeners:

simple methods of recycling kitchen wastes 5

If you are not sure about how to compost things and are not getting enough confidence, there is a way out for you too. You can readily offer your food waste to your neighboring gardener. Ask him before you contribute to their pile. But be sure about you don’t add any meat or fat to the waste as animals can easily get attracted toward meat mixed waste.

6. Use your scraps the right way:

simple methods of recycling kitchen wastes 6

If you are well aware of community composting, you will understand it very clearly. You can easily add your organic waste to some gardeners’ compost buckets which they place at their workplaces. By doing this smart trick, you can easily recycle your kitchen waste and can do good to the environment as well.

7. Cooperate with the town’s solid waste management program:

simple methods of recycling kitchen wastes 7

It’s not always that you have to do something creative on your own. In today’s world, many towns have adopted good solid waste management policies. They do regular pick up of waste materials from your doorstep. You can just collect your wet and dry kitchen waste separately and can release them to those pickup vans. Thus by cooperating with your town’s solid waste facilities, you can actually do something meaningful to your environment.

8. Offer it to enthusiastic farmers:

simple methods of recycling kitchen wastes 8

When you offer your food wastes like a fish skeleton, bananas and used tea bags to a farmer, he actually collects all such products and sends them to a tank with no oxygen. And after the anaerobic digestion, when the food wastes are broken down completely, it can be used as good fertilizers in the farms.

9. Recycling of the dry wastes:

After you are done with all the organic (wet) wastes, it is time to concentrate on the dry wastes. Dry wastes are the inorganic wastes such as the papers, cardboards, plastics, scrap metals etc. Either you can use them in a smarter way like you can use your cardboards to make separate counters in your kitchen wardrobe, you can use various colored plastics by wrapping them around the bulbs as you will get different shades of lights by doing this. Or else you can just collect all the dry wastes and can deliver it to the garbage man who will take them to a factory where proper recycling can be done.

10. Recycle the waste Water:

This one is really easy and it will save your water bill at the same time. Water is a precious commodity and it is the most important factor for our sustainable living. Being a little bit of smart you can also recycle your waste water. Useless chemical dishwashing soap and after that filter your waste water. This way you can use your filtered, clean water for agricultural and horticultural purposes.

Recycling has many significant advantages. It makes your surroundings cleaner and healthier; it saves money and reduces environmental pollution. It also leads to less utilization of the raw materials. Firstly try not to waste food and other products and secondly try to recycle and reuse the waste materials. And if you want to do something for the environment then at first love it. We hope this article has surely given you some smart and simple guidelines about methods of recycling kitchen wastes to save the environment and you will follow them when needed.


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