10 Ways To Save Money While Travelling

“Travelling is not something you are good at. It is something you do, naturally, just like breathing.” Anais Nin once said – we travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls. I totally agree with this. For me, traveling is a stress buster.

The excitement starts from as soon as the plan is made – then you go on to book the tickets, accommodations and start looking for them to do things and places to visit. Few days before the trip, you start shopping for the things to take and then the final packing. The whole process is super duper exciting, isn’t it?

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Ways To Save Money While Travelling

Now, one important thing you need to keep a close tab is the budget – of course, you would hate to overspend and each penny matters. When you are traveling overseas, you will have to mindful of the currency conversion, and thus, spending wisely will always be on top of your priority list. If you are not very good with these kinds of things, then why are we here? *wink* – so, fasten your seat belts of excitement because we bring to you Ways To Save Money While Travelling

Ways To Save Money While Travelling

Book In Advance

Ways To Save Money While Travelling

This is the best tip that always saves me a lot of bucks. If you are planning for a holiday, it is best to plan in advance as much as possible. At least 3 to 4 months in advance is quite a decent time to book your tickets and hotels. Also, try to go to a place during the offseason – this will also help you to save money on these mandate bookings.

Take The Local Transport As Much As Possible

Ways To Save Money While Travelling

When you go to a new city, the natural instinct may be to just take the easier option of cabs or hotel transport. But, if you are looking for Ways To Save Money While Travelling, then opt for local transport. This will not only help you save some cash but will also bring you a whole new experience of a new transport or who you found out about it and used it to get to your location.

Try To Plan Your Trip All By Yourself

Ways To Save Money While Travelling

Travel agencies and companies are in abundant these days, but hello! Have you ever tried to plan your trip by yourself? Do one thing, take a quotation from the travel agent, and then plan your own trip – you will be surprised to see that you are saving easily about 30% of expenses by exploring things and places all by yourself. What more! You get to do it on your own, at your own convenience.

Sign Up For Flyer Programs

Ways To Save Money While Travelling

If you are a frequent traveler, then why not sign up for membership or loyalty programs offered to you by the airlines? Yes, they may have a nominal fee to be paid quarterly or yearly – but trust us, they are worth it. Every time you book a flight, you have points that get added to your membership or loyalty card. You can then redeem these points for your next flight bookings.

Use The Complimentary Food At Your Hotel

Ways To Save Money While Travelling

Whenever you book a room in the hotel, ensure you choose the room that gives you complimentary meals. This will serve two purposes – you will not have to go hunting for breakfast early in the morning and thus, you have a nice hearty meal at the start of the day. Plus, it will, of course, save you some money in going to another place and then eating there.
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Indulge Into Local Food Tasting

Ways To Save Money While Travelling

Ditch all the expensive places and restaurants and try to have food at the local shops and stores. In fact, have a nice chat with the locals of the place to understand what is famous about the place in terms of food. Binge eat all those local food things – this will help you to explore the local delicacies while it will also help you to save some bucks.

Have The Free Tourist Attractions On Your List

Ways To Save Money While Travelling

Always grab a list of local attractions either from the airport or a local tourist store. Once you have that, inquire about all those places that have free entry. Visit all these places first, so that you are covering all of these famous yet free places. Free tourist attractions could include parks, museums, beaches, and art galleries.

Talk To Your Bank To getting Tourism Cards

Ways To Save Money While Travelling

Almost every bank offers travel or tourism cards. Visit the bank and check out the benefits you get on these cards. They offer you a lot of offers and discounts that you can use as per your requirement – either while booking tickets or while making payments at the places you visit. There are some cards that offer you to use your card, without any extra charges.

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Cover All Tourist Attractions Of One Place At Once

Ways To Save Money While Travelling

Whenever you are going to a particular area, ensure that you are covering all the famous tourist attractions of that area, at once. This way, you will be covering all the places plus you will not have to travel back to the same place again and again. When you are in one area – you can, in fact, walk to the other places, saving up on time and money.

Move All Your Extra Savings Into Another Bank Account

Ways To Save Money While Travelling

Last but not least, make a budget and stick to it. The best way to do so is to keep only the budgeted amount in your current account, which will be accessible. Move the rest to a savings account.

Most of the gadgets are safety ones, and the rest is for your help to have a safe and nice trip. So, what are you waiting for? Take out your notepads and make note of some cool travel gadgets that are useful for any trip.

If you have any more Ways To Save Money While Travelling that you would like to share with us, you’re most welcome! Please let us know about it in the comments section below. Happy traveling and happy saving.


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