10 Possible Reasons You Are Not Enjoying Your Hobby


Having hobbies is great! And everyone has one no matter what it is singing, dancing, writing, painting, programming etc. It’s just something we love to do and enjoy doing with all our heart and soul. In the fast-paced lives that we live nowadays, it’s actually important to cater a hobby. But sometimes it happens that we start losing interest in our hobbies due to many reasons. And the sad part is sometimes we don’t even realize Possible Reasons You Are Not Enjoying Your Hobby or why it is happening to us. Now that you have read these reasons everyone must have a hobby, you no longer have any excuse to put it off.


Possible Reasons You Are Not Enjoying Your Hobby

Overdoing Your Hobby!


Yes, this might be a possibility. By ‘overdoing’ I mean is that you might be spending too much of your time in pursuing your hobby. And eventually neglecting the other important stuff which is also a part of your life. You must keep this in mind that ‘excess of anything is bad!’ Sweet becomes a poison if consumed in excess. Therefore you need to balance your hobby that other of your life’s tasks moderately. And once you master the art of balancing you will back be too loving your hobby.

Suffering From Depression!


Depression may be an issue you might want to consider. When you are depressed it can affect how you feel about everything in life, even the things that you used to love may seem boring to do. Even regular everyday tasks like drinking water or taking a bath may feel useless for you. In this kind of situation, it will be the best if you just talk to a friend, partner, family or just anyone sympathetic and whom you trust. Don’t shy away to seek professional help. Try to identify the cause of depression. “But before you diagnose yourself with depression, just see if you are not just surrounded by assholes!” Are you feeling the necessity of hobbies? Cheer up yourself and inspire to get a hobby in your life with these hobby quotes if you really don’t have till now.

Hobby Turned Monotonous


Doing one thing in the same manner over and over again can be really stressing and monotonous. Imagine wearing a black pant and a white shirt for the whole life every day! Will not this be so boring? You need to have some colors in your life to keep the interest, excitement, and enthusiasm in whatever you love doing right? All you need to do is try finding new ways to do the old things you love. And that’s it, you will be back on track to loving your hobby.

Comparison Is Your Enemy


Comparison is the thief of joy. This may happen unknowingly. You might unknowingly be comparing yourself to others or the work of others. For example, someone posted a poem on a social networking site and so did you but the other one got more likes and you did not. Now, this may not only give birth to comparison but also jealousy. And eventually you will start focusing on others and your work will get deteriorated and at last, you will lose interest. So the only thing which should matter is what you are doing. Here you really easy to find hobbies that suit your character. Let’s check it out.

Lack Of Appreciation?


This can be a major reason for not enjoying your hobby. You might not be getting the appreciation which you deserve or desire from the people you love. And this may be affecting your performance. But let me tell you that appreciation is not something you should not care for when you have confidence and trust in what you are doing. You just need to be a bad ass and keep doing what you love no matter what. Believe me, the world will automatically get to know! Be a warrior, not a worrier!

Are You Broke?


Well yes, this can also be a reason for your losing interest in your hobby. Let’s get real, most of the hobbies need money to be executed. Like you might be a painter and not be able to afford money for your resources like paints or canvas etc. You are not able to do what you love and this might stress you out, and eventually result in you losing interest. Well, there is only one solution to this is to get a job! If you cannot stop doing what you love then you need to find a way to let the artistic juices flow, try and get a job. The world is full of opportunities you just need to try and grab one.

Just Getting Older!


You might be thinking what the hell is this all about. Well, let me explain. Remember when we were young we wanted to be a doctor or an engineer or an astronaut or a painter when we grow up. But what we ended up doing is the complete opposite (Most of the times) so it’s not necessary that what you loved doing as a teenager you would love doing as an adult. And it is completely ok. Change is the rule of nature. We all grow and as we get mature our likes, dislikes, and choices change and its completely normal. So if you are climbing the ladder to old age or maybe you are in your old age, this article will give you an idea about the best hobbies for old age people. You just need to identify the change and start over.

Hobby Turned Into Job?


Let me give you an example. A friend of mine loved writing songs and composing music. This is what he absolutely loved doing from childhood. First, it was just his hobby and then he turned it into a job. Why not get paid for doing what you love doing right? Well, what happened next is, his bosses started taking out faults in his work and taking credit for what he spent hours doing it. He was not able to showcase his art as he wanted. And basically made his life a living hell. And eventually, he started hating his job and his talent. In a situation like this, you just need to step out of it and maybe take a break! Get your things sorted and be back with a bang!

Experienced Failure


Failure is something everyone experiences in life. It’s nothing serious and just another life experience you have to go through. It may happen that you are not getting desirable results from your hard work and efforts you are putting in. And you might be getting frustrated and depressed because of this. Let me tell you, fellas, that failure is nothing but a chance to revise your strategy. You need to see and analyze that why it’s not working and make it happen. Do not doubt your talent. Just believe in yourself and your work.

Got No Time?


Time is another issue. You think you are very busy and cannot give time to your hobby. Well everyone is busy in his or her lives. Just stop thinking and saying “I am busy” as you are just convincing yourself that there are no ways you can take out some time for your passion. Face the truth ‘cause this is just an excuse. You can take out time for anything and everything if you really want to.

Here you will find some way to find out your own hobby. So now that you know some Possible Reasons You Are Not Enjoying Your Hobby leading to the decreasing interest in them. Identify the reason. Get your ass up. And start improving, right away. Whatever may be the reason don’t forget that everything has a solution and nothing is impossible.


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